Optimize the use of your machines.

- The different services and functionalities -

of equipment

Geolocate your equipment in real time and detect if it is active.

Possibility to go directly to the location of the equipment.

of activities

Differentiation between field work and road travel

Display of locations and break times

Display of worked areas with and/or without overlap

Display of the user and/or driver


The automatic distribution of loads is done according to several options:

– Reservation planning

– Plot recognition

– Identification badge

of equipment

Book equipment with our planning tool.

View the availability of equipment and employees.

Recognition of hitches and drivers

No computer entry required!

of ancillary data

Thanks to its sensors and its annexed connector, the Samsys connected meter allows to get a multitude of other data such as:

– Fuel consumption, engine hours of a tractor, tank levels

– The number of bales and the number of loads

– The number of hours a tractor has been in operation

– The operation or not of the sprayer

– The application maps

Pneumatic pressure measurement

Real-time tyre pressure and temperature monitoring to:

– Ensure correct tyre pressure

– Improve fuel efficiency

– Extend tyre life

– Ensure safe driving

– Preserve soil

Suivi d'évolution de vos parcelles

Notre carte d’indice de végétation des parcelles vous permet de suivre l’évolution de celles-ci.
Anticipez les problèmes de végétation sur vos parcelles.
Mesurez l’impact de vos interventions sur vos cultures.


Tyre pressure

Is your tyre pressure not good? Be informed directly with a notification.

Weather Alerts

Be alerted if it rains on the field you are working on.

End of activity

Finished your activity earlier than the scheduled time? Notify the person in one click by sending them a notification.