Optimize the use of your machines.

Products adapted to your needs.

At Samsys, we have designed our products with and for all the actors of the agricultural world.


The magnetic and autonomous connected meter for all agricultural equipment.

Geolocation, area worked, distance travelled, operating time, breaks

On-board information on tractors: Fuel consumption, machine speed, etc.

Identification of drivers and hitches

Auxiliary inputs

ISOBUS for application rates

  • Width -> 9 cms
  • Length -> 20 cms
  • Height -> 4 cms
  • Magnets
  • Machine screwed
  • 250 hours of activity on Battery
  • Unlimited on machine power
  • Mains charger
  • Cigarette lighter socket
  • 3-pin socket
  • Diagnostic socket

With the RTK version, get centimetric accuracy.


Optimise your light vehicles too.

Location and management of light vehicle fleets

Location of the technician closest to the customer.

Management of equipment maintenance automatically.

Select additional options.

Machine Tag

Tag Machine

Automatically identify coupled and uncoupled equipment.

Dimensions : 7,2cms * 7,2cms * 2,1cms
Fixation : Industrial adhesive on the tool
Battery life : 7 years

Driver Tag

Badge Chauffeur

Identify drivers automatically.

3.5 cm in size and 0.5 cm in height
Battery life: 1 year

Pneumatic pressure sensor

Capteur de pression pneumatique

Pneumatic pressure measurement.

Dimensions of 2,2 cms and Height of 1,8cms
Fixation: to be screwed on the valve
Battery life: 2 years

Choose the subscription that suits you best.


Traceability and telemetry
  • Hectares worked
  • Area worked
  • Operating time
  • Fuel consumption


Centimetric accuracy
  • Hectares worked to the nearest cm
  • Surface covered to the nearest cm
  • Time of use
  • Fuel consumption


Management of your commercial vehicles
  • Distance travelled
  • Location of the vehicle
  • Time of use
  • Management of your drivers